After great deal of feedback from the release of initial version, this release is focused on adding new functionality and user customization. There are also some convenience features to make using the app more delightful. 

Cardbox is available in Mac AppStore

Release Notes: 

1. Change orientation of 3D box by right clicking.

Sometimes it’s useful to see how your product will look standing up or laying down.


2. New Lighting options! You can now adjust how glossy or matte the material is. The shadow options have been also moved to this menu to make it easy to adjust.

3. Bevel options menu – it is now possible to change the bevel of the box to much the user’s requirements.

4. Box Dimentions options. By double clicking the side selection or choosing the option from menu it is now possible to enter the box’s dimentions directly, in inches, mm, cm or pixels. Just make sure that the resolution is set to the same number as the loaded design file.

5. Use Command + Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out in 2D view for easier navigation.

6. Perspective Lock option makes sure that the perspective will never be modified on purpose or accidentally. Thanks to that the user can be sure that every box will be rendered from the same perspective.

7. New Magnet icon on toolbar makes it more obvious what function the button activates. 



Cardbox is available in Mac AppStore